Series Part 4 - How is video being used? Educational video

This type of video is similar to the informational but for this example I have termed it as educational...since that is the nature of it for this business. 

Often businesses are giving the same information to clients/patients. This can leave room for errors, missed information and it takes up valuable time of the business owner/employees. By providing a video of this information, it can alleviate a lot of these issues.


While my children and I were having our teeth cleaned at Citizen Dental Hygiene last year, it struck me as to how great Lace delivered her flossing education. Not only did I learn things that I didn't know but she delivered it such a way that it even held my kids' attention. I got the idea at that time that she should have video of this education...this way everyone in the office would be getting the same consistent information when they walk through the doors but also it frees up the hygienist's time so that they can fit more clients in. Since this business is relatively new, and they are building it up, this is important for them right now.

So we recently videoed this education and are prepping to use it in multiple ways from education to patients but also as tips for social media content. 

Here is the full video.

MarketingJody Boryski